User Activity Monitoring (UAM)


There are two areas to consider:

  • Personal UAM - this is about the safety of your children and your peace of mind.
    • This can help in the event your children, pre-teens and teens experience cyber-bullying. How? By recording all computer activity - emails, chats, instant messages, website visits (including social media sites) - the sequence of events surrounding a cyber-bullying incident can be presented to the school and or Police leaving no room for misinterpretation.
    • The system is also available to protect them on their Android™ or BlackBerry® mobile device. At the same time, it will give you peace of mind being able to tell they are where they say they are.

  • Business UAM - this is about making sure your company's computers and Android™ or BlackBerry® mobile devices are being used appropriately while ensuring secrets stay secret.
    • Are staff members spending more time on Facebook rather than your books?
    • Click each item below for additional details.

Which Computers and Mobile Devices Can Be Monitored?

Track And Enforce Electronic Acceptable Use Policies

Protect Valuable Intellectual Property

Identify Security Breaches And Risks

Monitor And Audit Compliance Requirements

Benchmark User Productivity

Email Capture

Chat/Instant Message

Websites Visited

Quick View Reports

Application/Program Use

Screen Snapshots

Document Tracking

Keyword Alerts

Active Time vs. Focus Time

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