Data Privacy and Security



In 1832 Voltaire said, "With great power comes great responsibility." (sorry Spider-Man fans)

Information is the "great power" while the "great responsibility" sits on your shoulders: you must keep that information private and secure. This is especially true when it comes to mission-critical data such as trade secrets, financial and client-related information.

Security breeches happen to the largest, most prepared organizations... remember Winners? What about Sony... twice. Don't assume your information isn't valuable just because your business may be smaller than others. Data is the currency of the internet and thieves are always looking to cash in.

How secure IS the information in your computers and network?

What about the "soft targets" in your organization? Your staff, mobile devices like tablets and smart phones - you know - the ones that get lost, stolen or damaged? Do you have security protocols, like passwords, in place? What about encryption in the event of theft or loss of the device the data is stored on? Do you have a process in place to deal with computer equipment that is being decommissioned (i.e. upgraded, replaced, etc.)? Digital Hero can ensure that your sensitive data is destroyed when your computers and other technology devices reach the end of their life cycle. For large volumes of data to be destroyed, we can even arrange for the destruction to be done at your premisses to satisfy your security audit/protocol needs.

Contact Digital Hero about your data's privacy and security. We offer:

  • comprehensive reviews of your data privacy policies and security procedures
  • recommendations for hardening your equipment and processes, and training your staff to reduce the chances of a breech in the privacy and or security of your data
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