Technical Support Choices


Whether you're in your office, hotel room or...


in the middle of nowhere, if you can get the Internet we can get help to you.

Choose the support package that's right for your business:

  • Per-incident Support Package (PSP)
    • perfect for businesses that have tech-savy staff
    • ideal for the occassional need for help
    • 1 hour minimum followed by billing in 15 minute increments

  • Monthly Support Package (MSP)
    • this option supports a proactive approach to technology maintenance
    • perfect for businesses with a larger number of technology assets or when there's a preference to have I.T. professionals address on-going maintenance tasks
    • any assets nearing the end of their life cycle are identified and scheduled for the next upgrade rotation
    • one set fee means you get a monthly visit to ensure your technology is working at its peak

  • On-site and Remote Technical Support (ORTS)
    • these options can be mixed and matched at your discretion
    • all clients are offerred the choice of having their computer(s) setup to accept remote assistance from our support centre
      • there is NO additional charge to activate this feature
      • standard PSP / MSP / technical support fees apply
      • most clients find this very convenient since wait times for a support call are dramatically reduced because help can be rendered without the need for a physical visit
      • the connection between our support centre and your computer is encrypted to protect your data and privacy using modern cyphers, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption... just like the banks
      • a high speed internet connection is required for this feature to work
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Terms and Conditions: Prices may change without notice. Shipping, additional costs as a result of client-requested changes and taxes are extra.

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