Use HTTPS and Encryption Whenever Possible

Often passwords are transmitted from our computers to the destination unencrypted, as plain text. Yup... plain, readable text. Don't believe me? Here's a capture I made of the communication between my computer and a test FTP site. First, using standard unencrypted FTP (File Transfer Protocol):


Now the same communication over secure FTP:


This is why email settings on your incoming and outgoing servers (regardless whether they are set up for POP or IMAP) should be set to use "SSL" or Secure Sockets Layer. This is the same reason why when using your browser you should use "https" rather than "http" in the address bar... the former allows your browser to connect to Facebook, Twitter or any website that supports a secure http (HyperText Transfer Protocol) connection. This is REALLY important for the tech junkies (you know who you are) that just HAVE to jump onto free WiFi... where anyone can be spying on your wireless connection.

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