Multifunction Copiers - Protect Your Privacy When Their Lease is Up


Let's cut to the chase on this one... if your company owns or especially if it leases a multifunction copier, make certain the hard drive inside that copier is left with you or destroyed BEFORE the device leaves your premisses.

Multifunction copiers use a hard drive - exactly like the one in your desktop computer - to store every copy, scan and fax that goes through them. The result? Once that copier leaves your premisses, you have no idea where that copier will wind up and who will have access to the data its hard drive contains.

Watch these two videos... they reference American investigations, but can be easily applied to Canada, too. They are worth the time.

If you have electronic waste (E-waste) you can contact Paul at Artex Environmental... tell him that Bob Kyriakides of Digital Hero sent you!

Until next time!

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