Bell Duplicate Email Solution for Windows Users

Still struggling with the duplicate email issue with your Bell account? Here's the step Bell forgot to mention: create an IMAP version of your account... wait, don't freak out... it's easy to do and will stop the duplicate email issue.

Here's why and how... up to Bell's transition date, they supported the POP (
Post Office Protocol) for email. That meant that when you deleted an email in your Bell Account on your computer, you had to repeat the process on every other device that same account was on. On the other hand, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is better because with it when you delete or move an email on one device your action is mirrored on the server and so every connected device duplicates that action automatically. That means you don't have to!

Without setting up a Bell IMAP version of your account, your old POP account is trying to talk to Bell's new IMAP server and that's like, well, Apples and Oranges... they just don't speak the same language. So, when your existing Outlook or whatever email software you use pulled your mail down and tried to told the IMAP server that it had the new mail, the IMAP server ignored that since it doesn't speak POP and kept those messages marked as new or unread. The next time you checked mail... you got them again, the process repeated and so here you are with probably thousands of copies of the same messages all marked as new or unread.

Let's get to the steps (Mac users your instructions are here):

  1. We need to stop your old POP account from trying to pull mail. To do that, open your Outlook, then click FILE then OPTIONS then ADVANCED.

  2. The screen you should see is "Outlook Options". On the right side, Scroll down until you see the "Send/Receive" button then click it.

  3. The screen you should see is "Send/Receive Groups". Click "Edit" and now you should be looking at "Send/Receive Settings - All Accounts." Find your existing Bell Sympatico account on the left side, click it once then on the right side uncheck "Include the selected account in this group", then click "OK", then click "Close" and finally click "OK" as you back yourself out to the main Outlook screen you are used to seeing.

  4. Go to: and log into your NEW Bell webmail space. Under your inbox you'll see a folder called "POP" - that's where your emails from the old server are stored. You are now sitting in the new IMAP server. If you want to get rid of any really old emails, you can do that here before proceeding since the less mail you have here, the quicker it will be to complete the syncronization in step #6.

  5. Go to your Outlook, then select FILE then ADD ACCOUNT then E-mail Account. Enter your name is you want it to appear, your full Bell email address and your password from step #1.

  6. You'll get a couple of questions asking your permission to automatically setup the new account... select "ok" or "yes" and if you've done everything correctly, within a minute, you'll have your new Bell IMAP account setup and it'll start to pull mail. Depending upon how much old mail you have and your internet speed, this could take quite some time.7. Once you are satisfied that you have what you need from the old Bell POP account, you can delete it and the mail it contained... or keep it for as long as you need to.

Share this with others you know may be frustrated with having received repeated duplicates on their Bell email account.

Until next time!

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