Technology: when it doesn't work... you just gott'a laugh!


Technology stresses many people. Let's take a few minutes and have a chuckle or two... here are a couple of our favourite bits that poke fun at technology and even what we do for a living. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of cool, fun and educational websites we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Google Time-lapse:
    • This is an interactive site allowing you to select and watch almost any part of the Earth evolve from 1984 to 2016. If you don’t believe in Global Warming or the effects of urbanization, you will after watching how we’ve changed the Earth’s surface over the past 32 years. Share the link with the non-believers in your contacts list.
  • A Soft Murmur:
    • Having trouble falling asleep or concentrating because of the noise around you? This site lets you select 10 different sounds, mix them each with its own volume to help you relax, focus or go to sleep.
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
    • Always a favourite when you want a more realistic movie or TV show review. The ratings are taken from an agregate of hundreds of critics and tend to be more accurate than those we get from just a single critic. This site can help you avoid the rotten tomatoes and find the hidden gems!
  • Explore Everest:
    • Ever wanted to experience the climb without the danger? This experience is fantastic in its recreation of the scenery. You see the beauty of Mount Everest and the dangers facing those of us brave enough to make the climb.
  • Animagraffs:
    • How does a fire engine work? What about a turn-table? Wait, what’s a turn-table? Ever wonder how the brakes on your car actually stop the car? This site is filled with 3-D animated gifs that you can rotate and numered info bubbles listing the parts that make up each object.
  • Our Galaxy:
    • Until we can travel between the stars, this will have to do. Ever wonder just how small we are in the universe? This interactive simulation lets you see where we are in our own Milky Way Galaxy, fly into our Solar System and learn about neighbouring star systems.
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