Passwords, Passwords, Passwords...


Okay, let's be honest... who isn't sick and tired of having to remember their password, oh, I mean passwordS? We have passwords for our computer logon, email, banking, iTunes, YouTube, VPN, Gmail, Rogers account, Bell account, social media accounts, parental control software on our computers, parental control on our TVs (does anyone ACTUALLY use them on their TV?), routers, mobile devices... we are drowning in passwords. That's why most of us tend to use one or MAYBE two passwords for EVERYTHING.

To ensure you reduce your risk of being a victim of identity theft, have separate passwords for your logon, email, banking, social media, etc. Don't use your banking PIN for any of them.

Passwords and remembering them has become the bane of our digital existance. Here's a tip on creating strong, easy to remember passwords based on mnemonics - a fancy word that "refers to the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory":

  1. use a favourite quote, line from a play, movie or book using 8 to 12 words
  2. take the first letter from each word
  3. capitalize the first letter
  4. take the number of people in your family and put that number between the 5th and 6th letter
  5. finally put any one of the punctuation characters in front of the number

Once caveat: not all password fields allow punctuation, so be prepared to roll with it.

Here's an example following the steps above:

  1. my example saying is: Revenge is a dish best served cold. It's cold in space, Kirk. (look, it's just an example, okay??)
  2. the first letter of each word gives us: riadbscicisk
  3. capitalizing the first letter gives us: Riadbscicisk
  4. the number of people in my family gives us: Riadb5scicisk
  5. finally, we get: Riadb%5scicisk

I know what you're thinking... "Riadb%5scicisk"... seriously... how am I supposed to remember that?? You can because you aren't going to remember "Riadb%5scicisk"... let's face it, unless you are gifted, a Navy Seal or part of some other Covert Ops team, your brain isn't programmed to remember meaningless sequences of characters. BUT, your brain CAN remember a favourite saying, say like "Revenge is a dish best served cold. It's cold in space, Kirk." with %5 thrown in the appropriate spot. Try it with a saying that is near and dear to you and you'll be amazed at how easy this is.

Until next time!

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