"Bob’s computer expertise, experience, and breadth of knowledge is awesome. But his real strength is translating computer-speak to user-speak. He lays out the buffet of options with their trade-offs, tailors his explanations to my needs and comfort level, immediately implements my choice, and then appropriately paces my training in the new function to ensure that I am self-sufficient. It doesn’t get any better than that."

Bob Willard
Author and Speaker
Sustainability Advantage

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"Speaking of Digital Heroes…

It is our great pleasure to have Bob Kyriakides as our tech support here at Aurora United Church. Bob oversees all of our staff computers (7) for which we are grateful. Among our staff, we have varying degrees of proficiency in computer usage and Bob is adept in addressing our needs at whatever level is needed. According to Bob there are no “stupid” questions and he is patient with our inquiries when we get stuck.

Bob is also quick to respond to our needs and questions whether they be hardware or software related. He is clear in his instruction and can help anyone maneuver from problem to solution. He is very helpful on a one-to-one basis or in speaking with a group. He has a vast knowledge of computers, technology and how they relate to each other. He is there when we need him – someone we are truly able to depend on.

Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar
Aurora United Church

- - - - -   [}{]   - - - - -


Without you, I wouldn't have been able to handle the crisis I had when the
[Flashback] Trojan virus showed up on my Mac. THANK YOU for:

  1. Emailing me the warning that my Mac could be infected. Without your email, I wouldn't have acted as promptly as I did.
  2. Making it really easy for me, the non-techie person, to understand EXACTLY what to do to manage the situation: giving me the name of 2 anti-virus firms where I could immediately download a protective anti-virus.
  3. Giving me personalised attention when I needed it - getting back to me as soon as you could - which was immediate.
  4. Guiding me through the steps to ensure my anti-virus was working and to help me understand how it actually functions.

You are wise, quick, calming and brilliant. I can't thank you enough."

Jane R.

- - - - -   [}{]   - - - - -

"I have used the technical services and assistance of Bob Kyriakides for the past 15 years and have nothing but the highest praise for him. The skills that Bob brings to any technical or IT issue are quite extensive as they include not only the Microsoft platform, but also the Apple platform as well. His extensive knowledge allows for solutions to problems arrived at quickly and effectively. Bob has helped us to achieve a technology level that has allowed us to grow and prosper in a highly competitive environment."

Vern C.

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"Bob Kyriakides has been my I.T. person for 4 years now and I must say that I have always been impressed with not only his knowledge, quality of work and trust, but with his expedience that is so important whenever we have needed him. He has always been there for us! The best part ~ I can alway reach him and he responds immediately! Myself, my staff have and still have a wonderful relationship with Bob, I've never felt I've needed to find anyone else, he Always does the best for us! We love Bobby Baby! :-)"

Caron D.

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"At Simone Performance Imports, Bob Kyriakides has been our go-to I.T. guy for the past 5 years - whether it's hardware, software or back-ups. Bob has installed, set-up and maintained our hardware and software for all our automotive and accounting needs.

When our main computer crashed, Bob was able to recreate our accounting/customer database from the back-up he had set up. Needless to say, he saved a lot of time and money by being able to reset our data files from the back up, allowing our business to continue relatively interruption free.

It has been refreshing working with Bob. He is personable, honest, knowledgable and above all, professional.  We at Simone Performance Imports enthusiastically recommend Bob Kyriakides for all your I.T. needs.

Vic & Christine Simone
Simone Performance

- - - - -   [}{]   - - - - -

"Bob has worked with me on behalf of both my company and my clients for over 3 years now. I know I can always count on Bob to respond quickly to any problems I may have with our computers and software. As an I.T. Professional he not only solves my problems but also is proactive with his suggestions and solutions of potential issues I may encounter. He brings to the table solid advice and cost effective results.

Because of the confidential information I retain, it is imperative that my security and back-up processes be up to date and reliable. Bob can ensure that you also have reliable back-up procedures in place along with ensuring security and other concerns you may have are addressed.

Maureen Burleson
The Montana Group and
Ontario Personal Estate and Business Executor

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"In the past year I had the misfortune of having computer issues.

My HP Laptop decided to have a flickering screen and then stop working. I called HP to see if there was an easy workaround or how much to repair it. However, I was stymied as my 4 year old laptop was out of warranty and the technician said before he could say anything HP required a $50.00 yearly fee to diagnose the issue and tell me if it could be fixed.

I figured since the laptop was three years old, HP would collect their money and tell me there was nothing they could do. So I gave up and hung up the phone.

I turned to Bob Kyriakides of Digital Hero to see if he could investigate the issue. I explained the symptoms to him and Bob took my computer for a couple of days to investigate. His reply was there was a loose connection between my computer screen and the motherboard. He knowledgeably explained this was a common issue in HP Laptops. He also said he could fix it this time temporarily but that it may not work permanently. He also friendly suggested that I start watching for sales on computers.

The one thing I love about this Digital Hero is that he always tells the truth as he is not interested in selling you a new laptop or gizmo like other technicians who are also commissioned to sell products. Bob tells you the truth and explains it to you in plain easy to understand speak. He gauges his customers to see how much tecnobabble they can handle as he explains the issue. The best of all, Bob never considers any query to be a stupid question.

A couple of months later, my old HP laptop finally gave up. I took the computer back to Bob who did some diagnostics and said the motherboard was fried. He backed up the computer to an external hard drive and recommended I purchase another computer. Bob handed me my old computer in two pieces. The first piece was the hard drive and second was the rest of the computer. Bob had the thoughtfulness to ensure I had the hard drive with all my data so I could recycle my old computer without worrying about any data on the old hard drive falling into the wrong hands.

In the end I learned I could depend upon Bob Kyriakides, he helped me through a tough time with my computer issue with knowledgeable technical service and a friendly demeanor. I would definitely recommend Bob and Digital Hero to anyone looking for expertise in repairing, purchasing or anything computer related.

Michael S.

- - - - -   [}{]   - - - - -

"Working with Bob on my computer was a positive experience. I needed to know if I had a virus or not from Facebook and he explained various aspects of the computer at my "beginner" level. He also helped me update my GPS and order the correct iPad for my specific needs. I found Bob very knowledgeable about all aspects of technology and I like that my computer can now be fixed "from a distance" if needed. Bob helps you, at your own level and the one-on-one tutorial was best for my learning style. I would recommend him to others."

Colleen E.

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