Mac Flashback Trojan - The Death of Mac Invincibility

I'm going to start by referring you back to the opening line of my blog Macs can be infected AND be carriers of malware where I said, "Yes, Macs CAN be infected. Period." That was Mar. 21, 2012 (16 days ago). Today, even the staunchest of "Macs can't get viruses." believers find themselves staring into the eyes of a colossal 620,000+ gorilla of an "I told you so."

Here's the executive summary:

A Trojan is a computer infection that enters your computer by pretending to be something else. In this case, Flashback pretends to be an update for the Adobe Flash Player. Reports started 4 days ago and were confirmed today - Fri., Apr. 6, 2012 - by Kaspersky Labs. The full report is here:

Using some complex reverse engineering techniques, the smarties at Kaspersky Labs watched as 620,000+ unique computers logged into the pretend Flashback mother-server they created. They know the count is close to accurate because Flashback uses each computer's unique ID in the process. In a nutshell, the breakdown appears to be:


So, let's cut to the chase... what to do? Here we go... step-by-step:

Step #1: Run Apple Software Update.

Step #2: Disable Java in Safari and or Firefox.

Step #3: Determine whether your Mac is infected.

Step #4: What to do if your Mac is NOT infected.

Step #5: What to do if your Mac IS infected.

Until next time!

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